I stumble in my speech, house beats.

So, I have decided to start a series of posts on indie artists. 

Artist of the week: Aaron Tan


To say I abused the playback button would be mildly incredulous *gasp*
The sum up of my reactions:-
1. Click
2. Play, headbang, stupid dance 
3. Relock the room door
4. Repeat * 10
5. Lightbulb moment: MUST share.

Whether a fan of fact or fiction, The Corinthian promises one thing: 

When normal people listen to music, they claim it to be an emotional experience, inspiring, or even the "OMGTHISSONGJUSTTOUCHEDMYHEART!". No need to scream children. 

Chip, leap
Till you hear the mashed up beats
Seat, sit. Indifferent.
Sand drops
Just listen.

P.S : If you like electronic, dub step and house, you're home. Otherwise, this will MAKE you like it. Here have a cookie.

P.P.S: If you are an indie artist out there feel free to send me a scribble at picturesquescript@gmail.com


1000 ipod songs, one magical pause.

The music mesh.
Broken songs
tears wet; eyelash.
chimes ring, slash.
Broken, return
rebound by song.

I realized I haven't updated in a while but anyway.... Ihavemyreasons (awkward smile) While the notes were beating away in the depths of my brain, I began to watch and feel inspired. No promises here, just raw, lyrical song.

Artist: Jhameel
Song: How many Lovers

So, when I first heard about singer/ songwriter/musician Jhameel from an article featured in IndieShuffle, this was what happened :-

STEPS TO STEPH's... (something)

*Nod, nod, nod...
 Brief glance at screen

Pictures might be subject to actual person's eye size
Source: Google images


It spun endless dreams

Title: Eye of London
Artist: Megan Ong

The mechanics of it all
Wire, metal, raw.
Images in my mind;
Like a creeping paw.

Marred, scared into
see-saw motions in the sky
Spinning, dry ticks, time.

Let not your heart stay still
Move to the mechanical wheel.


Lifeboat : A memoir of the little toy boat

Title: Toy boats
Artist: Megan Ong

Hold on.
Boats they bobble,
Reak, the sea
Meak-less, gifted.
Vomit –free. They lie
in every sense.
invoking Memories.

Note: Just some inspiration from Megan Ong's work. A 2 am dream of traveling at sea, or just plain deliriousness.


Just for kicks and giggles.

Artist: Foster The people
Song: Pumped up kicks

A bright song for a bright new day =)

1. Click here
2. Wait, load, listen. Indieshuffle!


TRIOMPHE! The crazy woman on the street.

Note: So, Megan Ong just sent me this last night and I think it deserves a huge, TRIOMPHE! (She actually stood in the middle of the street! (gaping awe).

Picture: Arc de Troimphe, Paris
Artist: Megan Ong

Piece by piece,
Some distant sound of mockery.......

Piece by piece,
Scenes turn slow, its really, sickly.

Walks behind, driven by
Reckless youthmindless fools!
Until they reached the test of time
Look now with an onward sigh.

Triumph, gone
Marred and born,
Look now, cars


Some spicy supper?

Artist: Mumford and Sons
Song; Winter Winds

Its a quater to three
And beneath these torn paper leaves
I see a million words
form alphabetical madness
 I give in to wear
ToMorrow, why hello.

Note: Some night inspiration. Nostalgic music and just a little spice of tomorrow. Good morning world, I am going to sleep.